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Daily Blog is a clean and minimal blog for the users who want to create simple blog with amazing features. This theme is suitable for a personal blogs, fashion, lifestyle blogs, craft galleries, photography sites and similar projects.


Free Vs Pro

Features Comparison Free Pro
1. Preloader Option
2. Header Topbar
3. Frontpage Sections 4 4
4. Section Content Type: Page/Post
5. Section Content Type: Category
6. Featured Slider Section Limited
7. Featured Slider Options
8. Popular Posts Section Limited
9. Latest Posts Section Limited
10. Featured Posts Section Limited
11. Layout Option: Blog/Archive/Page/Single Post
12. Layout Option: Full Width/Boxed/Frame
13. Menu Sticky
14. Excerpt Length
15. Read More Text
16. Blog Title
17. Change Footer Theme Credit
18. Header Image For InnerPages: Archive/Search/404
19. Typography Options:
20. Choose Heading (H1 – H6) Font Family
21. Choose Body Font Family
22. Color Options
23. Change Topbar Background Color
24. Enable Content on FrontPage
25. Enable Header Image on FrontPage
26. Colors: Header Text Color
27. Colors: Background Color
28. Colors: Top Bar Color
29. Colors: Main Theme Color
30. Colors: Menu Color
31. Colors: Slider Box Background Color
32. Colors: Slider Box Border Background Color
33. Colors: Slider Text Color
34. Slider Text Hover Color
35. Section Title Line Color
36. Section Title Box Color
37. Section Title Text Color
38. Body Text Color
39. H1 – H6 Text Color
40. Link Color, Link Hover Color
41. Post Title Color
42. Date and Category Color
43. Continue Reading Color
44. Page Title Color
45. Button Background Color, Button Hover Background Color
46. Footer Background Color
47. Footer Link Hover Color
48. Footer Site Info Background Color
49. Footer Site Info Text Color
50. Font and ALignment Options
51. Topbar Alignment
52. Menu Font Size
53. H1 – H6 Font Size
54. Body Font Size
55. Body Line Height
56. Category Font Size
57. Date Font Size
58. Frontpage Slider Title Font Size
59. Frontpage Section Title Font Size
60. Continue Reading Text Font Size
61. Footer Widget Title Font Size
62. Footer List Item Font Size
63. Footer Site Info Font Size

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