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Loud Music Pro is a responsive WordPress theme created especially for music artist, singer, producer and band to showcase their records, songs and videos to connect with their fans. Loud Music Pro is built with the latest WordPress technology. Loud Music Pro supports responsive layouts built especially for music industry related website so it looks great on all devices. It has music contents focused features and a nice layouts for different kinds of music artist, singer, producer and band.


Free Vs Pro

Features Comparison Free Pro
Header Top (Contact Info) (Yes) (Yes)
Header Top (Social Icons) (Limited : 3) (Unlimited)
Front Page Sections (Limited: 6) (11)
Featured Slider Section (Yes) (Yes)
Featured Slider: Number Of Slides (3) (10)
Featured Slider: Image Dark Overlay Option (No) (Yes)
Featured Slider: Slider Speed Option (No) (Yes)
Featured Slider: Slider Title Font Size Option (No) (Yes)
Featured Slider: Content Type: Page/Post (Yes) (Yes)
Featured Slider: Content Type: Category/Custom (No) (Yes)
Our Services Section (Yes) (Yes)
Our Services: Number Of Items (3) (10)
Our Services: Service Icon Font Size Option (No) (Yes)
Our Services: Service Title Font Size Option (No) (Yes)
Our Services: Service Icon Each Background Color Option (No) (Yes)
Our Services: Content Type: Page/Post (Yes) (Yes)
Our Services: Content Type: Category/Custom (No) (Yes)
Featured Playlist Section (No) (Yes)
About Us Section (Yes) (Yes)
About Us: Content Type: Page/Post (Yes) (Yes)
About Us: Content Type: Custom (No) (Yes)
Latest Albums Section (Yes) (Yes)
Latest Albums: Section Title (Yes) (Yes)
Latest Albums: Column Per Row Option (No) (Yes)
Latest Albums: Number Of Items (3) (10)
Latest Albums: Content Type: Page/Post (Yes) (Yes)
Latest Albums: Content Type: Category/Custom (No) (Yes)
Call to Action Section (Yes) (Yes)
CTA: Dark Overlay Option (No) (Yes)
CTA: Deescription (No) (Yes)
Band Members Section (No) (Yes)
Events Section (No) (Yes)
Gallery Section (No) (Yes)
Music Videos Section (No) (Yes)
Latest News Section (Yes) (Yes)
Theme Options: (Yes) (Yes)
Layout Option: Blog/Archive/Page/Single Post (Yes) (Yes)
Layout Option: Full Width/Boxed/Frame (No) (Yes)
Menu Sticky (No) (Yes)
Excerpt Length (Yes) (Yes)
Read More Button Text (Yes) (Yes)
Blog Title (Yes) (Yes)
Change Footer Theme Credit (No) (Yes)
Header Image For InnerPages: Archive/Search/404 (No) (Yes)
Color Options: (No) (Yes)
Main Theme Color (No) (Yes)
Topbar Background Color (No) (Yes)
Topbar Text Color (No) (Yes)
Footer Widget Background Color (No) (Yes)
Footer Widget Title Color (No) (Yes)
Footer Text Color (No) (Yes)
Typography Options: (No) (Yes)
Choose Slider Title Font Family (No) (Yes)
Choose Heading (H1 – H6) Font Family (No) (Yes)
Choose Body Font Family (No) (Yes)
Enable Header Image on FrontPage (No) (Yes)

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