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    Before I transferred to Buziness Pro – all of my pages clearly had an H1 ‘title’ / followed, later, by an H2 and then page content. So, in essence, I had 30 odd pages, each with a different H1 ‘title’ (that formed part of my SEO), an H2 title and then meta data / content etc.

    I then transferred my whole site onto the Buziness Pro theme. – The site looks great from the front end. Best theme we’ve ever used.

    However, now when I do analytics, all my H1 titles have disappeared and become H2/1 and what were H2 have become H2/2.
    As part of the theme, there is a “site identity” tab: This has allowed me to insert a logo, a site title*, a tagline and a site icon. I’ve done this.
    However, the theme has take the site title* (in our case, “the name of our company”) and made this the H1 on EVERY page of our site – so for google etc. – it seems that we have many duplicate H1 titles all with the title “the name of our company” – which shouldn’t happen. Each page should clearly have it’s own title etc.

    We did a quick experiment yesterday whereupon we replaced the site title with my name (xxxxx xxxxx) and then re-ran our analytics – every page H1 title was then duplicated and named as ‘xxxxx xxxxx’.
    We’ve obviously changed back again to “the name of our company” – and the site looks great – but something is wrong in the background as all H1 title pages are now “the name of our company” and all our previous work for SEO and H1 and H2’s etc. seems to have been pushed out of the way.

    Help ?? / Advice ?? / Thoughts ??

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