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    It was so great to see so many forum folks…I’ve got people all jumbled up now but it was so fun to actually talk to you all! I met so many superstars today, it was certainly more exciting than watching the Oscars. I thought the race was very well run by the organizers. The only complaint I can think of was that we weren’t supposed to bring in food and water, though water was winked at. We went out to the car so I could have a banana and a granola bar. The stuff the concessions sold wasn’t the sort of thing I would ever want to eat before an all out effort. So much exciting stuff happened that I can’t remember it all, but it was so cool to see forum folks racing: Dave Howells, Niall Williams, Jon Bone, Paul Flack, Andras Von Tonder, Fred Dickie, oh, I can’t remember everyone, and I missed some people I wanted to see trying to find them since they were racing at the same time! It was great meeting Will, Bob, TomR, and seeing Rick, Kinley, and Bill Burke again. I didn’t get to meet coggs or Ben Rea, I taped a post it note to my erg with the av paces needed to meet my old PB and also to hit 7:30, 7:28, and 7:26. It also had on it 3 plans to meet the goal of 7:26: 1:53, 1:52, 1:51, 1:50 ; in case that didn’t fly: 1:53, 1:53, 1:52, 1:48 or 1:53, 1:52, 1:51, 1:48. I didn’t hit any of them, exactly, but ended up with 1:54.1, 1:53.7, 1:52.3, 1:47.4, enough to get a PB by about 5 seconds. Had no idea I had 3rd place until someone told me after I’d left the floor as I was totally focussed on my own paces. My daughter coxed me and did just what I wanted her to do–kept me steady with a few reassuring remarks through the first 1500 m and then gave me a loud vigorous Power 10 (or 11 or 12) for each of the remaining 100ms. At the end I had to close my eyes and didn’t realize the race was over so I rowed a few strokes after the end. Guess that makes up for the stroke I left off at Rick’s race!

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