Creativ Kindergarten Pro

Creativ Kindergarten Pro is a colorful, alluring & modern Multi-purpose Children WordPress Theme. It is great for contemporary childcare, day care center, preschool, Creativ kindergarten Pro, children art & craft school, nursery, education & training center, primary/elementary school, pre-school education, pediatric department, etc.

Release date : May 06, 2019 (version 1.0)

Last Updated : May 26, 2019 (version 1.4)

Features Comparison Free Pro
Topbar Social Icons Option (Only 3) (Unlimited)
Menu Sticky (No) (Yes)
Featured Slider: Page (Limited to 1) (Yes)
Featured Slider: Custom (No) (Yes)
Our Services: Page (Limited to 4) (Upto 12)
Our Services: Custom (No) (Upto 12)
About Us: Page (Limited to 1) (Upto 3)
About Us: Custom (No) (Upto 3)
Popular Classes: Page (Limited to 3) (Upto 12)
Popular Classes: Custom (No) (Upto 12)
Team Section: Page (No) (Yes)
Team Section: Custom (No) (Yes)
Featured Gallery: Page (No) (Yes)
Featured Gallery: Custom (No) (Yes)
Counter Section (No) (Yes)
Testimonial Section: Page (No) (Yes)
Testimonial Section: Custom (No) (Yes)
Latest Posts Section (Yes) (Yes)
Call To Action (Yes) (Yes)
Contact Form 7 (Yes) (Yes)
One Click Demo Importer (Yes) (Yes)
Layout Options (Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, No Sidebar) (Yes) (Yes)
Page/Post Excerpt Length Option (Yes) (Yes)
Choose Header Image Option (Yes) (Yes)
Choose Different Header Image For Archive Page (Yes) (Yes)
Choose Different Header Image For Search Page (Yes) (Yes)
Choose Different Header Image For 404 Page (Yes) (Yes)
4 Footer Widget Area Option (Yes) (Yes)
Front Page Sections Column Per Row Options (Yes) (Yes)
Set About Us Section Background Image (No) (Yes)
Set Team Section Background Image (No) (Yes)
Set Counter Section Background Image (No) (Yes)
Footer Customization (No) (Yes)
Custom Topbar Color Picker Option (No) (Yes)
Custom Theme Color Picker Option (No) (Yes)
Change Header Font Family Option (No) (Yes)
Change Body Font Family Option (No) (Yes)

Change log:

= 1.4 – May 26, 2019 =
* Added blog title option

= 1.3 – May 15, 2019 =
* Added more features in Services section

= 1.2 – May 13, 2019 =
* Added more features in Slider section

= 1.1 – May 08, 2019 =
* Updated minor issue

= 1.0 – May 05, 2019 =
* Initial release